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A functional and easy to make bag with four styles that feature both zippered mesh and zippered vinyl pockets in a variety of sizes. Use them to organize, store, and carry all sorts of treasures.

Pocket Packers are perfect for organizing personal items and clothing in a suitcase or to carry supplies to class. You’ll think of so many ways to use these handy bags!
Each Pocket Packers bag measures 18.5” H x 13.5” W and each style features a full-sized zippered mesh pocket on the back.
On the front are zippered vinyl pockets in a variety of sizes depending on the style that you choose to make.
Style 1 has 1 pocket,
Style 2 has 2 same-sized pockets,
Style 3 has 3 pockets of varying sizes, and
Style 4 has 4 pockets in a variety of sizes.
A reinforced handle attached to the top of each bag can be customized for carrying by hand or over the shoulder.